Pinnacle LIFT

On the back of the success of The Pinnacle Million, when 23 amateur athletes lifted a combined total of 1.6million kg’s in 24 hours in the ‘Deadlift’ alone, and raised HKD$150,000 for The Pinnacle Foundation, we knew 2017 had to involve more athletes and more competition.

in march of this year we raised the bar again with a team based deadlifting competition, where 8 teams of 4 amateur athletes lifted a combined total of 947,000 kg’s in 1 hour and raised HK$37,000 for The Pinnacle Foundation.

we know are looking to challenge you with our next big lifting event’s below….

Enter Pinnacle LIFT.

October 2017 Pinnacle LIFT Individual Hour Challenge

A progression from our team LIFT event in March and born from the many questions of ‘how would I have done if I hadn’t had to share my bar’, and ‘I wonder what I could LIFT on my own without the burden of my team’. Well we bring you, Individual LIFT.

Same rules, same LIFT, now solo.. With one hour, and a bar weight of your choosing, how much could you LIFT?

March 2018 Pinnacle LIFT Race to a Million 24 Hour Challenge

On average each team of four LIFTed over 150,000kg in their hour. Could you keep that up? Could you break a million? Could you do it in a team of three?

All very good questions and those crazy enough to join us will get the answer in 35 weeks time. The biggest Pinnacle LIFT ever. Buckle up athletes, this just got real.


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