Nutrition made easy

As a community, Pinnacle Performance aims to encompass all areas of impact to break down individuals barriers to success, and create lasting change. As a lifestyle consultation service, Pinnacle eAt works closely with individuals to provide strategies in nutrition and day to day living to enhance body composition, improve health and performance, and enjoy life!

During the natural course of business development coupled with the desire to provide a complete and holistic service to all that involve themselves with Pinnacle, we identified a glaring need for our gym-goers and members alike for not only nutrition information and mentorship, but a convenient, easy and affordable meal provisions.

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The most obvious barrier to lifestyle enhancement and nutritional improvement in Hong Kong is undoubtedly time. The combinations of long working hours, difficulty finding quality produce, the social lifestyle and abundance of options to eat out make creating any form of regular, ‘healthy’ or structured nutrition quite difficult. In the best case scenario, a committed individual with goals and training all optimised can still very easily find themselves wavering off track. In the worst case, a poor, unstructured diet and lifestyle can lead individuals on a path toward chronic illness, disease and a huge drop in quality of life.

As a solution to this issue, Pinnacle eAt has established 2 pathways in order for an individual to reach his or her goals. – both meal delivery & nutrition consultation products are born from necessary convenience, affordability, simplicity and control.

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