Meal Plans:

How do you know what meals you are going to receive on each day?
We send out our online eAtery newsletter every Thursday the week before with the upcoming menu for the next week, where people who have 1 meal a day have the option of choosing the meal each day or just letting us surprise you!
Can I get more customised meals i.e. gluten and dairy free, low-carb etc.?

Absolutely! Once you have placed your order, just reach out to us (email, whatsapp, phone) and if we can make it happen, we will.


How long can I pause my meals if I need t0 travel or put it on hold for any reason?

This depends on how many meals you’ve purchased and how long the pause request is. If you purchase 60 meals or more than any amount can be ‘banked’ up to a maximum amount days, but both packages essentially remain very flexible and are arranged personally with the Head Chef.


Do you serve breakfast?

We currently do not serve breakfast regularly, but are planning on adding this very soon!


How often do you change your menu?

We change our menu every week! And you’ll generally not see a meal repeated within 4 weeks (unless it’s an extremely popular dish or is similar to another one.)


What time are deliveries?

Depending on your area, deliveries will arrive between 0830 and 1200.


Do you deliver on weekends?

No – however, if you’d like meals on weekends, just let us know by end of the day on Wednesday and we’ll make sure we deliver extra meals on the Friday prior to the weekend, in order to last you through until Monday!


Do you deliver to Kowloon and the New Territories?

We do, but only to certain areas – please email us [email protected] to inquire further.


Can my delivery location change?

Yes – as long as you inform us of an address change more than 48 hours ahead of time.


Do you cater to vegetarians/vegans?

Yes – however, please be aware that the diet will be high in beans and we do not utilise tofu.


Are your ingredients organic?

Yes, our ingredients are organic, plus we try and source ingredients locally as much as possible.


What kind of carbohydrates do you use?

We mainly use brown rice, fregula, couscous, sweet potatoes, and quinoa.


Where do you get your vegetables and meat from?

We source our vegetables locally, while our meat is generally imported, such as our grass-fed Australian beef, US pork, and Norwegian salmon.

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