Bobbie Poulton Series, Plan, Pursue, Perform: 1.1, Getting Started

We all have good intentions. We all strive for the best and rationalise less than perfect behaviour with reasons as to why we choose to (or choose not to) do something. So why leave things to chance?

We want to equip you with the tools and tricks to leave the house and get through the day with no temptations leading you astray. These are situations where even the best of us will crumble… or possibly eat an apple crumble.

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail, and as cliché as this sounds, it’s the truth.

Lets start this the night before. We all tend to get caught in the ‘busy’ trap, so lets take some time to rearrange our priorities, and you’ll be surprised what comes of it.

“50% of all adults who embark on a weightless program admit to falling off the rails and giving up after a binge.”

The night before – Make your breakfast for the next morning. It takes less than 10 minutes, and not only sets you up for success the next day, but reinforces your commitment to giving your mind and body the fuel it needs to start the day right. The average cost of breakfast is HK$60-100 (an average of HK$30,000 a year), so you’ll also be saving more than half of that every day by making food at home!

Studies prove that eating breakfast keeps your metabolism healthy and gives you the energy you need to live an active lifestyle. When you eat more often (with the right portions), you prevent cravings and overeating throughout the day.

Image Left: Overnight Oats – 37g Carbohydrates, 34g protein, 17g fats, 481 calories total.

Simply place all the ingredients in a bowl and submerge them overnight in water (a Tupperware box or bowl covered with cling film will work). You can add almond milk or coconut milk if you wish, and there are unlimited possibilities here. As long as you enter the ingredients and quantities into your food tracker and it doesn’t exceed your daily allowance, go for it! Think nut butters, fruit, and nuts and seeds.


The morning – Eat your breakfast you prepared AT HOME and enjoy it. “I don’t have time” is an excuse we hear all too often. We can all get up 15 minutes earlier. If you’re not prepared to commit to this small gesture, then you’re not going to make it very far with other goals you have set for yourself.

“Only 5% of people achieve success, and the reason is because they are not working toward a worthy goal that they have chosen.”

Write your goals down and hold yourself accountable, or get a friend or partner to hold you accountable.

At the gym and at lunch – Let the professionals do their jobs. You have a business coach or a sports coach, so get a coach in the gym and get a nutritionist. If you’re not the expert, then hire one and learn from the experts. Invest in yourself.

After Work – Go home or get a workout in. No Happy Hour or post-work drinks on weeknights. Do you really need these drinks, or more importantly, do you want them more than the guilt  you’ll feel from an unproductive weekday morning, with no breakfast and a missed gym session?

Did you know alcohol contains 9 calories per gram?

Alcohol is simply empty calories that will be nothing but detrimental to any weightless or performance goals you have. That glass of wine wine has 120-160 calories in it, and we all know you don’t have just one.

3 x glasses of wine on Monday + 2 glasses of wine on Thursday + 6 glasses of wine on Saturday = 1300-2000 EXTRA EMPTY calories per week. Over 6 weeks, that results in an excess of visible body fat.

Plan for success, Pursue those plans, and you will Perform. This is of utmost importance with your diet, as your diet is the single most important factor in your decision to make a change to your lifestyle. Remember:

“You cannot out-train a bad diet.”



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