The “Zone”

To drive the very best out of every member and every session we encourage the use of a goal, a specific outcome for every time you train. The need to avoid […]

Carbohydrate Cycling

Well junk season in Hong Kong is a matter of weeks away and we all want to trim the excesses of winter while ensuring we […]

The Time Travelling Mind

We all currently have the capability to time travel mentally. Gazing into the past and future is something all of us do daily. Reminiscing about […]

The Pinnacle Resolution…

January is upon us and everyone is all of a sudden unhappy with their last 12 months and committed to making a change! Pinnacle holds all your answers…

Why Yoga?

Our in-house Yoga instructor, Sarah Lawrence, teaches Yoga classes at Pinnacle Performance every week. These fun, lighthearted classes will leave you feeling rejuvenated. In true […]

What’s the value of YOUR membership?

Full Monthly Access Membership at Pinnacle Performance includes everything you need for your complete fitness needs, and follow our proven path for improvement and development: PLAN, PURSUE, PERFORM…

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