Pinnacle Performance joins with Habitual to revamp it’s Get aHead Mental Skills programme…

Pinnacle Performance works hard to offer the complete athletic services to its members, athletes, and teams. In partnership with Chris Garvey and Habitual, Pinnacle are delighted to re-launch the newest version of their Mental Skills programme, ‘Get aHead’.

habitual mental skills pinnacle performance gym hong kong

Everyone posts on Facebook the weights they can lift. Everyone Instagram’s the meals that they eat. But very few athletes take the time to learn, challenge, and develop their mental toughness, their so called ‘GRIT’, and those that do are the ones who often do it behind closed doors when no-one is watching.

So what are the benefits of following a programme on the cognitive side of performance? Well for starters, if you don’t take the time to stop, set a goal, and imagine what success looks like for you, then how will you ever know if you have achieved it? The Get aHead programme works to educate on strategy and methods to control arousal levels, teaches the warning signs of anxiety, and assists in building the complete athlete. As with our Strength & Power programmes, we build the foundations of a strong athletic mind and then appropriately challenge athletes’ development.

Habitual delivers Get aHead individually with numerous athletes including some of the Pinnacle flagship teams and notably the Hong Kong Golf squads. No sport divides the worlds best athletes with the unseen GRIT each competitor has than that dreaded 2 foot put under pressure! With 3 tiers of development, and individual stages of learning within each tier, the path to develop GRIT requires the dedication to improve and the time commitment that improving your ‘Back Squat’ 1 Rep Max, or knocking 5 seconds off your 2km row does.

Chat with Chris about how Get aHead can improve your training and competition. With elements in Goal Setting, Arousal, Imagery, and Anxiety to name a few, who wouldn’t be a better athlete with these skills in their locker!


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