Pinnacle partners with Harry Wright International Premier Swim School..

Pinnacle Performance are proud to announce a new partnership with Harry Wright International Premier Swim School (HWI)Pinnacle will be facilitating HWI in their swimming camp through 8-12th August this year, providing elite athlete coaching and clinical education in nutrition, metal skills and physiotherapy. The goal is to offer a completely comprehensive educational and active exercise intervention for the performance and developmental streams of swimmers attending the camp.

HWI pinnacle performance gym hong kong

Established in 1975, HWI is the Premier Swim School in Hong Kong and has been offering a successful program of swimming lessons and training for children, from professional swimming instructors and coaches. Currently there are over 4,000 active swimmers within the aquatics program organized by HWI.

The programme of lessons is designed to give children all the skills they need to benefit and enjoy the sport of swimming as well as providing pathways of excellence for competitive swimmers. HWI prides itself on taking care of the individual needs of each child ensuring every swimmer reaches their maximum potential in swimming. To achieve this Pinnacle has aligned their coaches alongside HWI’s elite programme to take steps in ensuring each child develops at their own pace with constant monitoring of their holistic performance throughout every stage of the programme.


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