Pinnacle eAt announces new partnership with Lean by Design…

Pinnacle eAt, Hong Kong’s leading nutrition service, offers clients with expert consultancy, coaching, nutrition planning and meal delivery. It is Hong Kong’s ONLY complete, science-based, individually tailored and mentored approach to nutrition, and aligns itself with the Pinnacle mantra – PLAN, PURSUE, PERFORM – offering individuals bespoke packages according to every variation and circumstance for which they are placed under.

Pinnacle Performance eAt Hong Kong

It is with great pleasure that Pinnacle eAt advances it’s nutrition services even further with the launch of a new kitchen parter, Lean by Design, who have also come in at the last hour and agreed to sponsor The Pinnacle Million event taking place this weekend (19th/20th March).

With a focus on intelligent eating, Lean by Design (LxD) prides itself in being one of Hong Kong’s finest meal prep services. Together with Pinnacle eAt they provide nourishing, macro-precise and personalised meals created with flair for fat loss, muscle building & optimal performance, depending on your needs/desires dictated by the eAt scheme. Using a wide variety of wholesome ingredients of the highest calibre, LxD delivers gourmet, macro-precise and mouthwatering meals to your doorstep on a daily basis, at a highly competitive discount price for Pinnacle eAt customers.

Lean By Design Hong Kong Pinnacle Performance gym

Contact James Honey, our in-house nutritionist, to find out more about Pinnacle eAt and how it will solve all your diet-based problems!


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