What do you want to be when you grow up?


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” asked my teacher. “A professional footballer or backing dancer”, I responded. “That’s nice”, came the response….

That’s nice?!? That’s all they could say to me as an aspirational 7 year old? With all my hopes and dreams of future stardom!? What a way to shoot me down in 2 words…..Now in hindsight I don’t think I can blame my teacher for me not achieving my goals, although I do my best to live up to one of them on the dance floor after the odd soda water, or few.

My issue wasn’t my goals, it was having no idea how to go about achieving them – as if Beyoncé was going to call me up and see how I was fixed for next Friday. Fundamentally this is known as an ‘Outcome Goal’; it’s what I want to achieve, but as my 7 year old self went on to discover, on its own it is pretty useless.


What are you going to do to become a professional Footballer Chris?” was the question I was never asked, and going on to attend a rugby playing secondary school was probably not the best action plan. ‘Process Goals’ are the smaller goals, the steps to success. They can be as little or large as you want to make them.

All my clients at Habitual are set weekly or daily goals to take them slowly towards their larger health goals. These ‘micro goals’ may be as simple as doing 5 minutes of exercise, up to increasing their load over the entire week. It won’t get them fitter overnight, but by adding the micros together it helps move them forward.

Having a goal is great, but simply having a goal is not an indicator of the effort you will put into achieve it. Having a ‘Specific Goal’ however, is a far greater indicator of effort and attainment. I find the following 5 points are a good place to start if you want to make some changes:

What is it you want to achieve?

Beach body, more muscle mass, increase skill level, push into the 1st team or starting line-up, quit smoking/drinking or be a better husband/wife…  The list is endless & in isolation outcome goals like these can be quite daunting.

How much do you want it?

Whatever the goal, it will require some dedication. Are you willing to add what needs to be done into your schedule? Or even take something else away in order to make time?  If not find a new goal.

Will it make you happy?

This for me is fundamentally the basis of everything we strive for in life. Watch this video – not only is it inspirational but also very amusing. If you don’t do anything else today please just view it – 12 minutes but worth every second of it.

Make a plan.

So you know what you want to achieve (Outcome), you know what steps are required (Process), but when do you want to achieve it by? A clear timeline of action & measurement of performance indicators is key. Otherwise how do you know if you are going in the right direction?

Enjoy the journey

Be realistic with yourself. We can be our own worst critic sometimes, especially when we don’t live up to our own high expectations. We can’t be perfect at everything but can be great at some things when we dedicate time, effort & enjoy the process.

Find Chris in and around the Pinnacle facility as he trains for his ‘Japan Odyssey’ in aid of the Pinnacle Foundation. Read more about his lifestyle coaching on his website or get in touch with him via email.


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