Pinnacle eAt – meal delivery

Working within the Pinnacle eAt scope of lasting lifestyle change and education, the service establishes appropriate caloric and macronutrient requirements for an individual throughout their selected pathway; high quality meals are then created with the freshest ingredients, and tailored precisely to these requirements alongside an appropriate goal based nutritional plan.

1 or 2 meals per day delivered right to your door (weekdays only)

base your package around 20, 60 or 100 meals or somewhere in between!

meals delivered & packaged in stylish, safe & biodegradable boxes & bags

ingredients sourced locally & organically

ability to ‘bank’ meals in order to freeze delivery for as long as you like & roll meals over to another day

macro-nutrient specific meals that are tailored towards your needs, goals & preferences through a hands on approach with the Head Chef

Pinnacle members receive 10% discount on all packages

(based roughly on 600 calories (females) & 750 calories (males) per box, & a range between 40 | 40 | 20 to 30 | 40 | 30 of protein, carbohydrates & fat respectively)

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