We had been meaning to do this for some time( since P was here). Paolo’s physio has been amazed at his progress. And I am still amazed how much I enjoy the workout torture.

We know you hate mushy emotional senti letter- so we thought we will write one to you anyway- THANK YOU!!! For being such an awesome coach and literally having a pretty life changing effect on our lives! We love your training style, your discipline and your focus , your sarcastic Aussie humor and all your dedication in making couch potatoes like us so focussed and disciplined about our health- our families are amazed and super happy so you also have their gratitude ūüėÄ

Thank you once again James Honey!!!!


Pinnacle Performance are consummate professionals in every aspect. Led by Tom Summers, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, the attention to detail, understanding of human physiology and ability to work with the elite athletes individually or in a group setting is outstanding. They are very capable in the delivery of high performance training practice across a number of sports for great individual success. Overriding all this professional capability is Tom’s excellent manner and infectious enthusiasm to be the very best one can be. He genuinely cares for all his athletes and is a very well liked and respected across the industry.


During rugby pre-season I have been worked with the team at Pinnacle Performance as I attempted to return from a fairly substantial knee injury, and I can safely say that without the guidance of the amazing setup and wonderful Pinnacle coaching staff I would definitely have struggled.

Over the past few months I have had exposure to various training sessions working on all aspects of my fitness including strength, power and physiological conditioning and this has also been combined with specific work on my functional movement competencies helping me to get back on track. The programmes are created and tailored specifically to you, focussing on areas of weakness/development and there is a constant flow of feedback and information provided to you throughout the sessions. It is a fantastic facility and more importantly the knowledge of the coaches is second to none. A great pre-season with Pinnacle allowed me to return back to competitive rugby ahead of schedule and I would highly recommend to anybody who is interested in achieving their fitness goals.


I went to the¬†Pinnacle Performance¬†gym launch to support a friend and admittedly for the free wine. Having never been to a gym, or worked out I found myself signing up to a trial session. After one session I was sold ‚Äď not only is the concept brilliant, it makes you think that you could possibly achieve your goals (rather than just aimlessly running on a treadmill). The coaches are far beyond any level of other gyms and now I‚Äôm now a fitness convert for the first time in my life. The¬†Pinnacle¬†team have not only created a fantastic facility but also a place where you just want to hang out.


We joined¬†Pinnacle¬†to get fitter and strong for our sporting commitments, and in preparation of our upcoming wedding. We have tried most of the gyms and group workout classes¬†in Hong Kong, but have found¬†Pinnacle¬†far superior in terms of its flexibility, value for money, and professionalism with superior facilities.¬†Pinnacle¬†is totally geared towards achieving your personal fitness and goals, but the main point of difference is the coaching staff lead by¬†Tom Summers¬†‚Äď having a highly motivated, helpful, energetic team makes training that much more enjoyable.


THE place to train! Pinnacle takes a holistic approach to strength and fitness, and has facilities that cater to any and all abilities. The coaches go the extra mile to make sure you get the most out of your workout, and help you get to where you want to be. I leave sweaty, achey, and exhausted, but always more than satisfied!


The ‚ÄėPinnacle¬†experience‚Äô is a completely different one¬†from what we have experienced before. The atmosphere encourages us to work harder as do the coaches. We get treated as professionals along with learning about ourselves. We are lucky to be trained by such professional trainers who are experts in their respective fields.


When I joined Pinnacle Performance, I suffered from 3 partially torn ligaments in my ankle. The trainers were amazing at tailoring programs to help me recover and strengthen my injury very quickly. Pinnacle is an amazing gym with so much to offer; experienced trainers, top equipment and great programmes, I couldn’t recommend it more!!


It‚Äôs intense, accessible, fun, hard-core (7am, really?!?) and gets you working in ways you simply can‚Äôt do alone. Also, my Lead Coach helped me address a historical injury and regain movement I never thought I would have. Investing in your health is the best type of investment ‚Äď I highly recommend¬†Pinnacle Performance¬†as the tool to do just that.


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