Getting that Pull-Up

by Melissa gut, Fitness Coach & Lead for Women’s Training, Pinnacle PerformanceSo girls, you want to get your first pull-up? Like many women, when I first started strength […]

Managing Traveling Athletes

BY SARAH WHITEHEAD, PHYSIOTHERAPIST, PINNACLE PERFORMANCE“If you haven’t already guessed, athletes can be one of the most difficult types of physiotherapy patients to manage. Throw in travel, […]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

BY CHRIS GARVEY, MENTAL SKILLS COACH, PINNACLE PERFORMANCE“What do you want to be when you grow up?” asked my teacher. “A professional footballer or backing dancer”, I responded. “That’s nice”, […]

The Conveyor Belt of Development

BY TOM SUMMERS, HEAD STRENGTH & CONDITIONING COACH, PINNACLE PERFORMANCEI was fortunate enough to spend time with the longest serving collegiate Strength & Conditioning coach (S&C) in the […]

The ‘Concept of Ergos’

BY AUSTIN SMITH, SENIOR STRENGTH & CONDITIONING COACH / FACILITY MANAGER, PINNACLE PERFORMANCEBy now you have most likely experienced the wrath of the rowing Ergometer or ‘Ergo/ Erg’ […]

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