The Pinnacle Million – its now or never…

An initiative sparked by the management and coaching team at Pinnacle Performance in conjunction with the Pinnacle Foundation, ‘The Pinnacle Million’ is an event never seen or done before in Asia. It will take place this Saturday 19th March 2016 inside the Pinnacle Hong Kong headquarters, lasting all day and night, where a small team of male and female Pinnacle athletes (coaches and members) will attempt to

DEADLIFT 1,000,000kg IN 24 HOURS

The actual challenge follows an intensive 16 week training block for the competing members in the pursuit of such a momental task on the day, when the team will rotate around 3 loaded barbells and complete sets of 10 reps per ‘lift’, through the night, for 24 hours, in order to hit the total. To achieve the required 45,000kg per hour each individual will be responsible for around 600 reps through the day on 1 of the 3 bars – not your usual ‘3 x 8’ that most people hit in the gym on the weekend!

Each athlete has been raising money individually for the Pinnacle Foundation leading up to the event through our group page on We have now exceeded our target of HK$100,000 so THANK YOU so much to all of you out there who’ve kindly donated your cash! This does not mean to say that we still don’t need every penny that’s donated as we ramp up closer and closer to the main event!

We would also like to send out massive thank you’s to all our event sponsors, each one providing incredible support and versatility with offering unique support to the Million initiative in many different ways, and supporting this fantastic cause through the Pinnacle Foundation.

Coconuts Hong Kong Pinnacle Performance

Lean By Design Hong Kong Pinnacle Performance gym

Sassy Pinnacle Performance gym hong kong

CCW Global Pinnacle Performance hong kong

ANS Hong Kong Pinnacle Performance gym


Lululemon the pinnacle million gym hong kong

This will be an Asian first as the team attempt to accomplish something truly PINNACLE early in 2016. Please please come down and support the team throughout the day, our doors will be open from 0900 Saturday morning until 0900 Sunday morning, and the team won’t be going anywhere!

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The Pinnacle Million gym hong kong

The Pinnacle million gym hong kong
The Pinnacle million gym hong kong


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