Here at Pinnacle Performance we are proud to offer within our gym physiotherapy assessment and treatment for chronic or short-term injuries and full musculo-skeletal treatment, including but not exclusive for:

Joint and movement restriction mobilisation and therapy;

Necessary bio-mechanical analysis and feedback of movement restrictions or areas of weakness;

Treatment for both damaged or effected soft tissue;

Appropriate taping and support strategies;

Movement-based correction and imbalance training

Our physiotherapists offer considerable experience in the hands-on treatment of high performing athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts. Offering rehabilitation and ‘return-to-play’ fitness programmes the Pinnacle Physiotherapy provision prides itself on a personal approach and long term return to fitness success for clients.

Offering a completely private treatment suite and access to Pinnacle’s 3,500ft gym facility, clients can use the booking page to reserve individual physiotherapists treatment packages.

Pinnacle Performance and its Pinnacle Physiotherapy provision proudly provides a complete and holistic approach to rehabilitation and wellness by bridging the gap between the first and last steps of recovery.

Our physios are registered through international and Hong Kong governing bodies, and can offer full treatment options through insurance companies. Come down and see us today, chat to our physios and trainers to discover exactly how we can heal you, in more ways than one.

Sarah Whitehead – Senior Physiotherapist

Sarah is a South African born and qualified physiotherapist who always strives to put her patients first. She believes that everyone is unique and therefore each patient requires specific care to his/her needs. A hands-on and holistic approach is something that she stands by. She has an absolute love for sport and since being in Hong Kong has worked alongside Pinnacle Performance with Asian Golf, the ladies PGA, the Hong Kong Rugby Union and the Hong Kong Cricket Association.

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Talia relocated to Hong Kong in early 2013 after 2 years of working in the UK National Health Service where she gained experience in a variety of clinical areas before taking a special interest in post surgical rehabilitation and treating sports injuries. Talia believes in taking a holistic approach to assessing and treating her patients and focuses on restoring correct biomechanics using a mixture of traditional manual mobilisation, muscle energy and exercise based techniques.

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