Strength and Power


Pinnacle’s flagship GDS gives clients individual access to experience specifically prescribed strength and power training programmes that offer them development of muscle strength, size, power and movement competencies.

There are 3 weekly S&P GDS for members across 3 tiers of ability. Each of the 3 sessions complement the other in technique, strength, movement and power gains.



Force Development & Velocity of Loading

generate maximum power output and ability to accelerate through loaded movement mechanics.


Maximum Force Output Across Multi-joint, Compound Movements

greatest adaptation for size and strength gains by overloading appropriate exercises.


Develop a Full Movement Vocabulary & Improve Technical Movements

load through full range and all movement planes to complement heavy load during the rest of the week.

These S&P GDS are covered across ALL individual abilities, split into 3 tiers: Principle (beginner), Clinical (intermediate) & Pinnacle (advanced). Our members are categorised, and programmed accordingly, into each tier by reaching the necessary level in the Pinnacle Global Rating (PGR) – our unique testing & profiling implement.

All of our Group Development Sessions (GDS) are included within a Full Monthly Access Gym Membership, and follow our proven path for individual fitness, athletic and wellbeing development. You will be encouraged to identify your current abilities, strengths and weaknesses, set tangible goals to reach them and then surpass them through accurate progression and measurement.

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